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We began talking about this idea in early 2021 as an off shoot of a wonderful and surprising collaboration inspired by on onlin project they saw and met through. With Reyna in France and Greg in Australia with not even the possibility of contemplating a collaboration in the same space, we wondered what it would be like to chart a virtual journey from one place to another. Greg had this notion when he looked at a neighbors trees and watched the birds move from 'their trees' to 'his' and it struck him how connected we all are. This seems like an obvious idea, but watching the birds he wondered what would a project look like that documented each step on the way to somewhere.

Reyna ( deepened this with a discussion about the power of lines that connect us. Looking around she saw these lines that lead form one step to another, one moment to another. As she reflected on what a project like this would entail, she wondered also what it would be like to truly experience a place on a journey, not just 'flying through it', and could we appreciate it from the ground and the sky, like a bird or an animal? From there the project evolved.






Samuel Coleridge, 18th century English poet

"To awaken the attention of the mind caught in a lethargic routine, directing it to the beauty and wonder of what surrounds us -an inexhaustible treasure but for which, because of a veil of familiarity and selfish solicitude, we have eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, and hearts that neither feel nor understand."

This project tends in two directions or proposes two adventures, an individual adventure and an eminently human adventure: to connect with each other, to connect. To be connected not for practical, political, economic reasons for a better life but to materialize the deep connection beyond the borders that links us all -as Greg says so well. The two dimensions are fundamental. The first one is linked to Samuel Coleridge's text which illustrates precisely what I experienced in my one day trip over 300 km from my home to Saintes Marie de la Mer at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea, the second one is always present because without the other one, without you, Greg and I make an immaterial leap to be together while each artist's trip brings us closer together in a poetic and personalized concrete. Here is a fabric of meetings of conscience, it is magnificent in these times of disturbed reason and fear.



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