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Artists Call

We look forward to seeing your work. We would love to see a variety of artists- musicians, dancers, painters, photographers, actors and writers. Any artist with an idea of how to contribute to this idea of linking us all, of the intersections we share.

We plan to produce a physical exhibition in late 2022 in France and Australia. The sharing of work will be the same in each country- it will be the completion of the connection.

We hope to hold zoom based events and discussions during the project to allow us to connect and reflect on the work in progress. The project is in your hands- the way you want to participate is dependent on you and we are excited about seeing different ways of seeing this project.

We are looking forward to seeing a vision of the heart and inner landscape of the places you travel through, and not to 'postcards'.

Our facebook page, with a public group, can be found here:

When the project commences we post drop box information here as well as other pertinent information. To contact us about the project please contact using the email address below:


Technical requirements for submissions

We need two version of each image:

1. high resolution images: small side 2800 pixels (24cm or 9.45 inches  in 300 dpi) in Tiff or JPG max quality.

2. Low resolution images: small side 600 pixels in JPG high quality.

3. Images must be split as described in the process page. See samples to think about how we have done this.

4. Video/sound will be linked via QR code during the exhibition. Your video can be no longer than 10 seconds per location. Please record in MP4.

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